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Coffee, side & center

Put your coffee down or organize with sheer elegance. Tables are a focal point of your lounging area, they complete the definition of a living room. Elevate the style of your living room with our stellar range of tables that match every requirement.

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Tables are always a focal point of any room, if not the focal point in all cases, they are important. Tables come in various styles, designs, types, and colors serving different purposes. Tables are made of varying types of materials.The most common material used is solid wood or wood based.

There are many types of tables that play a major role in the interior design of a house or any place for a matter of fact.

The most common types of tables used are:

  • Coffee Tables

  • Nested Tables

  • Center Tables

  • Console Tables

Coffee tables are stapled pieces of furniture for a living room. The living room is incomplete without this fun piece. Usually, coffee tables are placed in front of or next to Sofas. These, as the name suggests, are used to support beverages. Coffee tables are also great furniture pieces which can be used to stack up your latest magazines, books or any decorative items.

Having a coffee table or including a space-efficient nesting tables seems like the best way to make the living room interesting and efficient. Tables always provide a flat surface, extra space to stack up and add definition to the couch. If you have extra space to fill, you could add small accent tables all

through the room.

Want to fit a table, but space is your constraint, Nested tables are your answer. These tables are super efficient for a situation where space is an issue. These tables usually come in a set of three or two. They can be used to place decorative items, setting up your mini magazine centers and more. These tables are versatile in terms of their usage.

Now the most important furniture of your living room after sofa is the center table. These tables are the heart of the living room. As the name suggests, they are placed in the center of the living room. They serve as a beverage holder, magazine stack or ever a fancy decorative center piece.

With us, you can find various styles and designs in the types of tables. From coffee tables to center tables. Furnspace provides superior quality solid wood tables. You can choose from the vast catalog.