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Everyone knows that this is where they’ll find you reading a book, sipping coffee or working. A chair is always personal, with the endless options choose a chair that matches your personality.

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We all know how important a chair is when we talk about living rooms. You never know when you might need chairs. What if the Sofas are all occupied? A chair can rescue you.  

Chairs again, like other furniture, have a lot of types, designs and make. Chairs also add an extra sense of style to your living room when matched with the theme of your sofas.


A few popularly used Living chairs include:

  • Recliners

  • Accent Chairs

  • Lounge Chairs

  • Ottomans

  • Benches


Now, As we all know how comfortable Recliners look, there is no need to talk much about these. They are literally meant to sit back and relax. They are super comfortable and perfect for a relaxing session. This is a much-recommended piece of furniture if you are looking for indulging in some unwinding time.


Accent chairs are usually the show stoppers, these are made to stand out and most likely to be the favorite choice. Accent chairs are something that always stands out in the living room and you need this if you want your living space to look extra stylish.


Do you want to hear something that makes you want to have a laid back feeling? The lounge chairs are the answer. These chairs are designed for comfort, ease and coziness. You can spend hours together on this and not release how the time passed. They are a must-have in every living room or space.


Ottomans and benches are efficient when you need a furniture that can cater to different needs, ottomans can act like footstools, stools and sometimes even coffee tables. And Benches can be used as sofas, used as a multi seater chair or even beds.


Shopping these different types of chairs and seats are made easy because furnspace offers all of these in hand picked designs and supreme quality.