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    The first thing that you do when you’re looking for when building a living room table collection is a coffee table. A coffee table is really important in a living room, it brings out the flavor of the living room, it is an essential. And as the name suggests, it is used to hold your beverage or place magazines and decor pieces.

    They complement the sofas, it is important to buy a coffee table that matches your sofa and it blends into the living room. Coffee table adds to the collection of the living room tables that help enhance utility and style.

    They remain constant in every home irrespective of modern look or a vintage living room look.

    The material that you choose also speaks a lot about your style. The traditional choice would be a darker wood. Most people choose this because it blends in with any theme of the living room.

    There are different types of materials to choose from, Here are the popular types of materials that are used for coffee tables.

    • Wood

    • Metal

    • Glass


    The primary reason why wood is used to build furniture is that it is a versatile material. Wood can be carved into any shape and size. The different colors available in wood makes it easier for the wooden furniture to blend in with any theme or style. If you are looking for a classic look, we would suggest wooden furniture.


    Metal is material that is commonly used right after wood. It is a sturdy material that can be shaped into varied designs and styles. In some aspects, metal is better than wood, it is resistant to damage by water. For Durable and well-built coffee tables, metal would be a great choice.


    Using glass for coffee tables and other furniture is increasing, as it gives the furniture a classy look. This look can’t be replicated by any other material. It is a gamble using it because of how fragile it is. But it doesn’t stop people from opting it because of its unmatched level of sophistication.

    With different designs, styles, and materials used, finding a perfect coffee table is easier with Furnspace.