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5 Must-have Sofa Colour Palettes!

Striking the right balance between colours and form can lead to creating pleasing home interiors. Choosing the wrong colour combination can evidently take the look of your home from fab to drab. There is no reason to be afraid of adding colours to your home, they are expressionistic as well as effective in creating an invigorating ambiance. While experimenting with colours, it is always recommended to go for a scheme that is forever and practical. Talking about classic colours, shades of blue, brown, white, and grey can perfectly highlight as well as integrate into any space. So that you achieve the right mood, we give you five classic colours in one classic sofa to build a space that is composed as well as aesthetically rich.

Blue Sapphire

This precious gemstone colour is intense and exuberant and has the ability to fill your room with character. You can create several moods in your home by experimenting it with neutral as well as striking colour palettes. Blue is calming, therefore a notable blue sofa will infuse tranquility and intensity into your room. Balance the colour by throwing in a mix of neutral and vivid tints in pastel pink, yellow and greens. This colour composition is ideal to suit any contemporary home.

Marshmallow White

The most versatile colour of the spectrum, white is all about serenity and peace. While adding a white sofa in your home, make sure that you are giving it a dramatic setting by adding a lot of colour around. Highlight the soberness of white by teaming it with a variety of colours. A striking wall as a backdrop, colourful cushions and an eye-catchy throw can induce a lot of drama to white furniture pieces.

Mustard Meadow

A playful colour, Mustard has successfully found its way into the modern day home interiors. It’s happy, it’s bright and it’s very expressive – A mustard sofa resting in your living room will steal the attention of any viewer. It’s one colour that can be effortlessly teamed with neutrals as well as bold colours while maintaining a balance. A pop of mustard in your home is all you need this Summer season.

Slate Grey

Elegant and timeless, Grey is part of every modern living in one way or another. It is a colour that can rest quietly in one corner of your home or can make a statement when placed on its own. An elegant grey sofa will add a lot of depth into your living room. For people who swear by class and style, Grey is your colour to steal. It’s fresh, it’s modern and yet forever. Highlight the profundity of this colour by teaming it with a pastel colour palette.

Desert Sand

Hushed, flexible and conservative, beige exhibits warmth and coziness. Often presumed as a dull colour, beige is indeed an embodiment of understated elegance. A relaxing sofa in muted beige will give your living room that missing sense of composure. Team this neutral colour with bursts of red, indigo and even charcoal grey. The light-toned hue can be brought to life with streaming sunlight and some live greens around.

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