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Timeless Rugs for Timeless Homes

Rugs are as important as any other piece of decor in your home. Not just they add colour and character but they help in prettifying the most functional yet the most overlooked area of your home that is your floor. Getting the decor of your floor right can help you in building your decor scheme in a well-coordinated manner. Having a floor rug does not always mean that it have to be one of those massive and expensive rugs that will burn a hole in your pocket and occupy the most of your floor. It could be a small colourful rug exhibiting striking vivid patterns or a vintage killam dhurrie in aztec motifs that could infuse a hint of old-world charm into your home.

Rugs are not just elements of decoration, they carry a story within. Right from the inception of the design to being knotted on the loom to the final process of refining. Each rug passes through multiple skillful hands and reaches your home with multiple stories woven within. For people who love to add these knotted adornments in their home we house a selection of designs that will help you choose the right rug for each corner of your home.

Take a detour from conventional Shapes!


Rugs add warmth and character to the floor, you can create an exclusive space for yourself with a classic round rug on the floor and a comfy floor bed right next to it to revel in your solemnity. Having round rugs is a fresh take on having small rectangular rugs for compact spaces. Be it jute, silk or wool, these circular elements add to the beauty of your composition with their colour, patterns and shape.

Enrich your home with some Tribal love!

Another rug rage that is taking over the floors these days are Moroccan tribal rugs, they are simple and extremely versatile in their design. Tracing their inspiration from the mid 20th century, these rugs exhibit geometric patterns without being very strict on lines. Their colour palette is a blend of both subtle whites and bold blacks. Their rugged inconsistent appearance add a oodles of inspiration to the floor and the interiors.

The Never Ending love for Aztec!One of the most loved patterns in rugs, Aztec is timeless and it is here to stay. The vivid colour combinations, the versatile patterns and the eclectic design composition of these rugs make them a part of almost every home. These handmade beauties are crafted mostly with wool and derive their inspiration from the ancient Tribes of Toltecs. They are conventional in their origin but extremely modern in their appearance.

Bring home the essence of Persia!

Who would not want to have a little of Persia in their home. And what better way to bring home the enchanting charm of the empire than a beautiful carpet gracing your floor. These carpets are designed to stand out, through their elegant colour combinations and intricate patterns. They add grandeur to any interiors. They are rich, they are elaborate and they are irresistible. Flaunt your taste by wrapping the floor of your living room with a Persian rug.



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