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Adding Nature To Your Home!

Going natural is the hottest trend of today, be it in beauty, fashion or home interiors. The use of naturally originated shapes, patterns and finishes is being acclaimed and prospered across the globe. Right from raw brick walls, profound industrial inspired interiors, earthen decorative, to natural wood furniture designs. The idea is to embrace and harmonize the beauty of nature in its true form. If you are planning to redecorate your home, Go all natural, bring in the shades of nature and revel in their warmth. Wood is your first step towards adding natural finishes. You can begin with smaller accents like platters, wall decor and mini show pieces. Reminiscing the days of hand mastery, the organic designs boasts of natural patterns making each piece appear one of its kind.

Working on naturally enriched spaces does not mean that your options will be limited. Mix and match, break the rules and combine two or more finishes to curate an interesting corner. Heavily lacquered wood finishes are difficult to be teamed with therefore it is better to keep it as simple and natural as possible. Most of us do not buy our furniture at the same time, so there is an opportunity to go creative and distinct. You can create invigorating interiors by teaming your wooden furniture with sturdy industrial decor. Add some bling with metallic accents on the side or throw some colour with ceramics in striking hues.

If things start looking too busy with colour, bring white to the rescue. Team your furniture with upholstery in neutral colours and witness the transformation happening. Don’t shy away from bringing nature to every corner of the house. Right from antique wood finishes to light Scandinavian inspired wooden furniture, there is an option for each kind of taste and need. Admire these pieces in their natural form and you will realize that sustainability never looked so good. Aim to preserve a little of nature by making it a part of your home. Put together those pieces that connect with you because in the end, your home should be about furniture that you love and not just looks arranged ‘by the book’.

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